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What does RHPS mean?

  • Ralph Hapschatt's Parties Suck
  • Random House Personal Slaves
  • Rarely Having Partnernal Sex... Rouses Horny Pestering Stimulations
  • Rarely Humorous Pointless Satire
  • Really Harboring Pent-up Sex-feelings
  • Really Happy Pig-faced Shitheads
  • Really Hideous Penguin Sundaes
  • Really Horny Purple Salamanders
  • Really Horrible People Shouting
  • Reagan Having Phone Sex
  • Red Hot Potato Skins
  • Regrettably, Hinwood's Performance Stinks
  • Rich Horny Potato Soup
  • Richard's Honorable Profound Script
  • Ridiculous Horny Person's Story
  • Ridiculously Hairy Perverts Singing
  • Ridiculously Horny People Stripping
  • Ripe Hot Pudding Shots
  • Road House Personal Shipping
  • Rotten Horse Poop Stinks
  • Rough Housing Produces Sex
  • Rowdy Happy Pool Swim

What does RHPS really mean?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's a movie.

What does RHPS FAQ mean?

As has been previously stated, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This is the RHPS FAQ, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show Frequently Asked Questions. They're the questions that are most frequently asked about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If a question is asked frequently about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it would be in here. Likewise, if The Rocky Horror Picture Show had questions frequently asked about it, they would be in here as well. As would frequently asked questions about The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is no truth to the rumor that the above paragraph was written by Donald Rumsfeld.

Frequently asked questions about Chia Pets would not be in here, nor would questions asked frequently about J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Questions that are frequently asked about gerbils would not be in here, and neither would questions frequently asked about the ramifications of the United States' intervention on the political, social, and economical structure of the Middle East. This is the RHPS FAQ.

Okay, this is getting silly.

Why do people go see the RHPS?

Richard O'Brien probably said it best: "It's a guaranteed party."

Rocky Horror is a place to go where you'll be accepted, whoever you are. The music is wonderful, the costumes are flashy and fun, and the film can be a wonderful vacation from reality. It's like a grown-up combination of dressing up and the Wizard of Oz, and we get to be among the players, cut loose, and be someone exciting and sexy for a couple of hours a week. If you remember the '70s, it's a nostalgia trip. For those of us who don't, it's still a nice place to visit.

In short, it's just a lot of fun.

If you're writing a college paper on the subject, please ask the kind folks at for their opinions. We've answered that question a couple of dozen times now, and the answer is starting to sound rather pat.

How can I see RHPS?

Well, there are seven main ways:

  1. Rent it from a video store, Netflix, etc.
  2. Buy it from a video store or order it on-line
  3. Steal it from a video store
  4. Borrow/Steal it from a library
  5. Rent/Buy/Steal/Borrow the film and get a projector
  6. Watch a badly cut version of it on television
  7. Go to a movie theatre, dammit.

Really, if you aren't seeing Rocky Horror with a group of people, you're sort of missing the point.

What theatres show RHPS?

Lots of 'em - usually the most trashy-looking ones in town. Rocky tends to do better with independent theaters, though some chain theaters do play it.

Most major cities have shows on a regular basis, and others have special showings throughout the year. Most college campuses will have special showings throughout the year as well (usually during Halloween and at the end of a term).

A constantly updating theatre list - complete with phone numbers, search by distance, etc. - is maintained at

How can I find out where RHPS is playing in my area?

There're a few ways of doin' that, too:

  1. Become a member of the Fan Club and ask Sal Piro for a list
  2. Check's list:
  3. Check's list:
  4. Look in a newspaper for theatre listings
  5. Call a random theatre in your city and ask them if they know
  6. Post to the forum at or ask people on Facebook and have people tell you to try one of the above methods
  7. Do an internet or Facebook search for your town's name and "Rocky Horror"
  8. Just drive around aimlessly, periodically asking pedestrians if they know. This works best on Saturday nights.

Where can I get a current copy of the theatre list?

I told you that already. Pay attention.

What theatre has been showing RHPS for the longest time?

In the US...The Graceland Theatre in Columbus, Ohio, which had been showing RHPS regularly since 1976, has closed. The Austin Cast's run, with two weekly shows since May 12, 1976, was disrupted in 1997. The longest run left is probably the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or the Clinton Street Theatre in Portland, OR, which have both been running since 1977, according to Fox. The theaters themselves claim their runs started in 1978 (January and April, respectively). The Naro Extended Cinema in Norfolk, VA has also been running the film since 1978 (September). It's gotten to the point of "how do you define a run?" (the Oriental now only shows the film once a month, for example, and the theater was closed for repairs briefly in 2014, causing the film to miss a month).

In any case, the longest running Rocky theater in the world isn't even in the US: it's in Germany. The Museum Lichtspiele in Munich has been screening The Rocky Horror Picture Show regularly, without interruption, since June 24, 1977. Shows used to be daily; they're now down to twice a week. The theater has been decorated to match the film ("Enter At Your Own Risk" sign on the door; the actual theater has been decorated to match the castle ballroom) - it must be seen to be believed.

How can I get the rights for a showing of RHPS?

For years, we've listed the direct numbers for Twentieth Century Fox. Twentieth Century Fox Film / 12001 N. Central Expy. / Dallas, TX 75243 / (214) 392-0101
Twentieth Century Fox Film / 10201 W. Pico Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90064 / (310) 277-2211

However, if you're dealing with a place that regularly shows films, they'll know what to do and you should let them do it. In the words of Kevin Boycik, who does this for a living, "any theatre/venue who would not already have a Fox contact should ask their booker for assistance or just contact Criterion."

Any theatrical (or screenings in a venue that would be considered a commercial movie theater) have to go through Fox and Fox will only allow screenings from 35 mm or the DCP (digital cinema projection). NOTE: Shock Treatment is not available on DCP and 35 mm prints are scarce. Call well in advance if you want to screen Shocky, or for that matter Rocky on 35mm. Fox may allow DVD screenings...they may not...and it may depend on who you talk with at Fox.

So about Criterion. If you want to show Rocky Horror or Shock Treatment for a non-theatrical event, contact them: they're at Check out their "Contact Us" page, which currently suggests you call at 1-800-890-9494. 35 mm is available in addition to Blu-ray, DVD and DCP (in addition to VHS!). Keep discussion focused on the booking and money - they don't care about your cast or issues with theater management.

Expect to pay a minimum of $300 or 35% of the gross, whichever is greater, and keep in mind Kevin says these values are low. Repeat bookers will get the best pricing and first dibs on 35 mm prints. If you are at a college, check--they may have a blanket agreement with Criterion which includes Rocky which could save you a lot of money and get you towards the front of the line.

Yes, just popping in the DVD or Blu-Ray and showing it to a large public gathering is just as illegal as it was on videotape.